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Paul de Guzman: biography

°1965 in Manila, Philippines, where he studied engineering, Paul de Guzman immigrated to Canada in 1986.  He currently lives and works in Vancouver and has been exhibiting his work since 1997.



MAA presents Digger – ephemera by Paul de Guzman, Galerie Transit, Mechelen, Belgium

MAA - Museum for the Administration of Aesthetics, Malaspina Printmakers, Vancouver, BC

Une Autre Ville - Another City (with Yoshihiro Suda), Museé d’art de Joliette, Quebec (September 2009)
Parasite Paradise: 1999-2009, Birch Libralato Gallery, Toronto, ON (May 2009)
Another City (with Yoshihiro Suda), Centre A, Vancouver, BC (March 2009)

Situate This !!, Kenderdine Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK (Fall 2006)
Text and  the City, Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, ON (Spring 2006)

Doing Lines (with Christian Nguyen), New General Catalog NGC 224 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA
e(n)tre,  Galerie Dominique Fiat - project room, Paris, France

Choice Cuts, Transit, Mechelen, Belgium
Toronto International Art Fair, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON
looking for Mies, Robert Birch Gallery, Toronto, ON

Invisible Cities, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Altered Propositions, Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art, Kelowna, BC

Dangling Propositions, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Subtracted Propositions, Stride Gallery, Calgary, AB

Subtracted Edition, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Building Blocks, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC



Everything Everyday, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC (curated: Bruce Grenville)
Liberty Control, Stichting Duende Aktiviteiten, Rotterdam, Netherlands
No Soul for Sale: A Festival of Independents, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London, UK
CODE: Screen 2010: Exhibition 9: Book, Records, Web-based Exhibition (curated: D. Dyment)

Des fleurs pour décorer…, Birch Libralato, Toronto, ON (curated: Sylvie Bélanger)
Novel Ideas, Oakville Galleries, Oakville, ON (curated: M. Fleming and G. Agoncillo)
# 'Another City ..... an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration', Centre A - Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Two West Hastings Street, Vancouver, Canada

Size Matters, Kenderdine Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, SK (curated: L. Murray)
Between Us – A Toronto><Vancouver Exchange, Western Front, Vancouver BC
Between Us – A Toronto><Vancouver Exchange, YYZ Artists Outlet, Toronto, ON
Showroom, Centre A, Vancouver, BC (curated by Kristina Podesva and Inge Roecker)
La Galerie Trois Points a 20 ans!, Galerie Trois Points, Montreal, QC

Outside the Box, Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA (curated: Jay Auslander)
A Model Building, Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto Art Center, CA, USA (curated: Signe Mayfield)
By Invitation Only, Kinz, Tillou + Feigen (formerly Feigen Contemporary), NY, USA
Material Transfer, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, NS (curated: Susan Gibson Garvey)
The Essential Works Show – the sequel, Birch Libralato Gallery, Toronto, ON

Safe: An exploration of domesticity and alienation, Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, NY, USA
Euclid to e-books: ideal books moving ideas, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, USA
ArtBrussels, galerie Transit – aktuele kunst, Brussels, Belgium






2001                     Vancouver Collects, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
                             Talk the Talk, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2000                      e/rector/scape, Harcourt House Art Centre, Edmonton, AB (curated: H. Hamel)
                              Double Whammy, Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1999                     Recollect, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
                             Verge on 7, Gallery 101, Ottawa, ON (juried)

1998                     [incision], Galerie Trois Points, Montreal, Quebec



Une Autre Ville – Another City
, a limited edition boxed set containing ephemera – catalogue, photographs, DVD, wallpaper, blueprint and postcards – issued for the exhibition of the same title presented at Centre A, Vancouver, BC and the Musée d’art de Joliette, Québec.

The Bibliography Project, in conjunction with The fillip reviewThe fillip review is a Vancouver-based contemporary art publication.  For the inaugural issue, The Bibliography Project was realized as a limited edition two-colour screen print insert.

Documenta.  An Echo, in conjunction with C magazine and Hans-Jurgen Hafner.  The original German text Documenta.  Ein Echo., by Hans-Jurgen Hafner, was translated into English and published as a mirrored article in the Fall 2002 issue # 75 of C magazine (pp. 42-43).
Trans-it/mit/fer/form, in conjunction with YYZ Artist’s Outlet, Toronto, Ontario.  The text for the exhibition Trans-it/mit/fer/form was translated into a mixture of languages (i.e. German, Spanish and French), printed as an advertising insert in YYZine, and distributed to YYZ’s monthly subscribers.

Thrust is an ongoing commentary on the state of critical art writing which recognizes the genre of "artspeak" as a dialect.  Various art critical publications were translated using an internet–based “Babelfish” program and inserted back into circulation.  Thrust "intervened" at the following venues:

"…", Marina Roy’s press release for Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver, BC on March 16, 2001 (opening night)

press release translated into German, French, broken English and Spanish and left at the gallery on opening night.

"Last Call", Belkin Gallery publication, U.B.C., Summer 2001 edition
 Or Gallery, Vancouver, BC on July 10, 2001 (German translation)
Artspeak, Vancouver, BC on July 12, 2001 (German translation)
Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver, BC on July 21, 2001 (French)
Belkin Gallery, Vancouver, BC on July 28, 2001 (French translation)
comments:  the front page Rodney Graham article was translated into various languages and left at the above venues for general circulation.



The Western Front, Vancouver, British Columbia.  Learning From Vancouver Symposium: Representation of Cities Rethought.  A panel discussion with artists Althea Thauberger, Amy Zion, Paul de Guzman and moderated by Kristina Lee Podesva.  Jan. 31, 2010

University of Victoria, British Columbia.  Coordinated through the Orion Visiting Artist Programme.  Oct. 21-22, 2009
Concordia University, Montréal, Québec.  Coordinated by the Musée d’art de Joliette’s presentation of Une Autre Ville and Concordia’s ART X program.  Sep. 2009
Université du Québec à Montréal, Québec.  Coordinated by the Musée d’art de Joliette’s presentation of Une Autre Ville and UQAM’s Programme de conférences Intervenants Culturels Internationaux – ICI.  Sep. 2009

Langscapes: On Language in Contemporary Art, The Power Plant, Toronto, Ontario. Responding to Fiona Banner's interest in the visual and psychological impact of language, this panel explores slippages between image and word, object and idea. Speakers include Toronto based artists Robin Collyer and Laurel Woodcock, and Vancouver artist Paul de Guzman and the forum will be chaired by Jessica Wyman, critic, curator, and editor of Pro Forma: Language/Text/Visual Art, YYZ Books, Toronto, 2007. March 2007

Dalhousie School of Architecture, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. In conjunction with the exhibition Material Transfer at the Dalhousie Art Gallery and arranged by Susan Gibson Garvey, Curator, Dalhousie Art Gallery and Dr. Terrance Galvin, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dalhousie School of Architecture. March 2007



Laurence, Robin, Paul de Guzman: Museum for the Administration of Aesthetics, The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, BC, Apr. 22-29, 2010, p.50 (review)

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Whyte, Murray, A Photo A Day: Contact ’09, The Toronto Star, Toronto, ON, May 7, 2009, p.E8 (illus.)
Rubenstein, Bonnie, Feature Exhibition: Parasite Paradise 1999-2009, Contact: Toronto
Photography Festival: Still Revolution, Toronto, ON, May 2009, p.75 (catalog)
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Hannon, Bronwyn, Euclid to e-books: ideal books moving ideas, Hempstead, New York, USA, Sep. 18, 2006, pp. 31-32 (catalogue)

_ , _ , The Blood Records, Vancouver Review, Vancouver, BC, Fall 2005, p.13 (colour centrefold)
Khonsary, Jeff and Strom, Jordan, The Bibliography Project, The fillip review, Vancouver, BC, Summer/Fall 2005, p.3 (with limited edition screen printed insert)

Jenkner, Ingrid and Verna, Gaëtane, beyond words/au delà des mots, Mount St. Vincent
University Art Gallery, Halifax, NS/Foreman Art Gallery, Lennoxville, PQ, (catalogue)
Rabinowitz, Cay Sophie, Interruption, apexart Summer Program, New York, USA June 2004 (brochure)    
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de Guzman, Paul and de Leenheer, Bert, Choice Cuts, Transit – aktuele kunst, Mechelen, Belgium (catalogue)
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Laurence, Robin, Real Estate, Canadian Art magazine, Toronto, ON, Winter 1998, p.69 (review)



Canada Council for the Arts – Project Grant for Visual Artists
British Columbia Arts Council - Level II Project Assistance Grant

British Columbia Arts Council Level II Project Assistance Grant

Council for the Arts Creation/Production Grant (mid-career)

Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant

Canada Council for the Arts Creation/Production Grant



Member of the Board of Directors, The Western Front Society, Vancouver, BC
Member of the Design Committee, Centre A, Vancouver, BC



Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, Canada
Christian Keesee, USA
Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Pennsylvania, USA
Industrial Alliance Pacific, Vancouver, Canada
Kenderdine Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada



Stichting Duende Aktiviteiten, Rotterdam, The Netherlands