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Jenny Watson: selected works


Art Brussels 2013

Jenny Watson

I've Got a Dirty Pig on my Mind, 2013, 100 x 100 cm & textpanel 18 x 18 cm


Also on view at our booth: a rare selection of drawings from 1995 around the theme 'Tattoo'


Art Brussels 2012

Jenny Watson

Self Portrait at 17, oil on japanese fabric grounded with rabbit skin glue, 130 x 130cm, 2012


'Mindchatter', new edition:

Jenny Watson, Mindchatter, 2010 Jenny Watson, Mindchatter Jenny Watson, Mindchatter

Stoneprint on Indian Cotton, every print on different fabric, ed 50, 77 x 57 cm, 900 euro, tax included



American Idyll 2009


Jenny Watson

'Baryshnikov [Triptychon'], acryl on rabbit skin glue primed cotton, gaffer, tape, ribbon and objects, each piece 190 x 110 cm, 2009




Jenny Watson

Toddler with Lolly Pop, 2009, 190 x 110 cm, Acrylic on rabbit skin glue primed Bambi print cotton + vintage American ceramic rooster


Jenny Watson

Woman in the Snow, 2009, 190 x 110 cm, Acrylic on rabbit skin glue primed cotton + ribbon


Jenny Watson

Woman Watering a Poplant, 2009,190 x 110 cm, Acrylic on rabbit skin glue primed cotton + 2 vintage American wooden ducks


Jenny Watson

Woman in a Blindfold, two color lithograph, handcolored, 2009, 77 x 56 cm



Art Brussels 2009


Jenny Watson 2009

Between Duesseldorf and Cologne, 2009


Art Brussels 2008



all works: acrylic on cotton, stretched, with small plastic horse, 2007, ± 130 or 150 x 90 cm



Material Evidence

Jenny Watson

Jenny Watson has made a selection of 11 works on fabric 1981 - 2005

click here for all images of the works



vintage paintings

Transit has been working for over twelve years with the australian artist Jenny Watson. This exhibition focusses on selected older paintings that were send over from New York and Brisbane, together with a series of new watercolours.
Watsons work deconstructs the painting by juxtaposing an -at first sight- simple image with a more ellaborate content that is written on a separate textpanel or evoced by a object (a toy piece, a bowler hat, a horse tail, ...)



for more vintage works click here



new watercolours